December 2015

Volume: 73, Number: 10

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Hypernatraemia: balancing is challenging
M. Eijgelsheim, E.J. Hoorn

original article

Prevalence, risk factors and prognosis of hypernatraemia during hospitalisation in internal medicine
I. Felizardo Lopes, S. Dezelée, D. Brault, O. Steichen
Trends in practice of blood glucose control in critically ill patients in the Netherlands
R.T.M. van Hooijdonk, S. Eslami, N.F. de Keizer, F. Bakhshi–Raiez, R.J. Bosman, D.A. Dongelmans, P.H.J. van der Voort, J.O. Streefkerk, W.J. Engelbrecht, J. ten Cate, S. Huissoon, E.M. van Driel, I. van Dijk, N. Cimic, O.F.T. Beck, F.T.F. Snellen, N.D. Holman, H.C. Mulder, A. Abu-Hanna, M.J. Schultz
Suspected leptospiral meningitis in adults: report of four cases and review of the literature
A. van Samkar, D. van de Beek, C. Stijnis, M. Goris, M.C. Brouwer
Behçet’s disease, hospital-based prevalence and manifestations in the Rotterdam area
J.H. Kappen, E.H.C. van Dijk, M. Baak-Dijkstra, P.L.A. van Daele, W.K. Lam-Tse, P.M. van Hagen, J.A.M. van Laar

case report

Complete resolution of autoimmune thyroiditis after R-CHOP in a patient with thyroid lymphoma
M.A. Sleddering, L.Th. Vlasveld
A cluster of tularaemia after contact with a dead hare in the Netherlands
D. van de Wetering, C. Oliveira dos Santos, M. Wagelaar, M. de Kleuver, M.G.J. Koene, H.I.J. Roest, B. Sinha, H. Tomaso, W.F.W. Bierman, Y. Stienstra
Catecholamine-induced cardiomyopathy in a patient with malignant paraganglioma
J.A.M. Heijneman, I.A. Boere, R.A. Feelders, W.W. de Herder, J.M. Kros, O.C. Manintveld, G.M. Verduijn

photo quiz

A relapsing swelling of the nasal tip
F.R. Datema, R.M.L. Poublon, J.A.M. van Laar
Answer to Photo Quiz: A relapsing swelling of the nasal tip

A 65-year-old female with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes mellitus
A-M. Liberati-Čizmek, I. Kruljac, M. Bakula
Answer to Photo Quiz: A 65-year-old female with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes mellitus