April 2014

Volume: 72, Number: 3

Table of contents


The Netherlands Journal of Medicine entering a next era
M. Levi


Management of prolonged QT interval and torsades de pointes in the intoxicated patient
A.A. Kan, D.W. de Lange, D.W. Donker, J. Meulenbelt
Prevention and management of new-onset diabetes mellitus in kidney transplantation
M. Juan Khong, Ch. Ping Chong

original article

Recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of spondylodiscitis
B.L. Fransen, E. de Visser, A. Lenting, G. Rodenburg, A.A. van Zwet, E.H. Gisolf
Predictors of colorectal neoplasia after polypectomy: based on initial and consecutive findings
C.C.G. van Enckevort, A.P.J. de Graaf, H. Hollema, W.J. Sluiter, J.H. Kleibeuker, J.J. Koornstra

case report

Unexpected diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis in a patient presenting with an infected ICD lead
D.H. van Raalte, H.M. Wesselius, G. de Klerk

photo quiz

Looks can be deceiving
M. Overbeek, B. Goossens, J.M.I. Vos
Shoulder pain after alcohol consumption
L. Seghers, H.C.T. van Zaanen
A rare cause of an ST -elevation myocardial infarction
J. Walpot, J. van Zwienen
A cutaneous ulceration with pulmonary mass
E. Marchiori, B. Hochhegger, , G. Zanetti

special article

Practice of bridging anticoagulation: guideline adherence and risk factors for bleeding
P. Eijgenraam, H. ten Cate, A.J. ten Cate-Hoek

M.W.M. van der Poel, W.J. Mulder, G.J. Ossenkoppele, E. Maartense, P. Wijermans, M. Hoogendoorn, H.C. Schouten
Antibiotic treatment of moderate-severe community-acquired pneumonia: design and rationale of a multicentre cluster-randomised cross-over trial
C.H. van Werkhoven, D.F. Postma, J.J. Oosterheert, M.J.M. Bonten

letter to the editor

Fatal methylene blue associated serotonin toxicity
W.M.C. Top, P.K. Gillman, C.J. de Langen, A. Kooy