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A patient with sudden pain in the upper abdomen accompanied by vomiting
Issue: July-August 2006, Volume: 64, Number: 7

R.J. Hop-de Groot, M.R. Groenendijk, S.P. Strijk, J. Deinum, S.J.H. Bredie
An unusual cause of a cerebral tumour in a young patient
Issue: May 2006, Volume: 64, Number: 5

, M.M. Bos, P. Wesseling, S.M.J. Smeets, A.J.A.M. van der Ven, S.J.H. Bredie
Pulmonary hypertension: its diagnosis and management, a multidisciplinary approach
Issue: June 2005, Volume: 63, Number: 6

M.C. Vonk, A.P.J. van Dijk, Y.F. Heijdra, H.F.M. van der Heijden, S.J.H. Bredie, F.H.J. van den Hoogen
Vascular graft infection in aortoiliac and aortofemoral bypass surgery: clinical presentation, diagnostic strategies and results of surgical treatment
Issue: December 2004, Volume: 62, Number: 11

C. Soetevent, P.L. Klemm, A.F.H. Stalenhoef, S.J.H. Bredie
F-18-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography in diagnosis and follow-up of patients with different types of vasculitis
Issue: October 2003, Volume: 61, Number: 10

C.P. Bleeker-Rovers, S.J.H. Bredie, J.W.M. van der Meer, F.H.M. Corstens, W.J.G. Oyen
The StethoDop: a Doppler stethoscope attachment for investigation of arterial and venous insufficiency of the lower extremities
Issue: February 2004, Volume: 62, Number: 2

A.C. van de Ven, S.J.H. Bredie, C.J.M. van der Vleuten, S. Holewij, Th. Thien