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Residents’ readiness for out-of-hours service: a Dutch national survey
Issue: March 2018, Volume: 76, Number: 2

A. Baten, C.P. Bleeker-Rovers, F. van den Heijkant, J. de Graaf, C.R.M.G. Fluit
Cutaneous hyperpigmentation induced by doxycycline: a case series
Issue: January 2015, Volume: 73, Number: 1

S.P. Keijmel, M.E.E. van Kasteren, W.A.M. Blokx, J.W.M. van der Meer, M. van Rossum, C.P. Bleeker-Rovers
Endocarditis: effects of routine echocardiography during Gram-positive bacteraemia
Issue: July/August 2011, Volume: 69, Number: 7

F.J. Vos, C.P. Bleeker-Rovers, P.D. Sturm, P.F.M. Krabbe, A.P.J. van Dijk, W.J.G. Oyen, B.J. Kullberg
Q fever in the Netherlands from 2007 to 2010
Issue: December 2010, Volume: 68, Number: 12

C.E. Delsing, B.J. Kullberg, C.P. Bleeker-Rovers
Internal medicine residents’ knowledge about sepsis: effects of a teaching intervention
Issue: October 2009, Volume: 67, Number: 9

M. Tromp, C.P. Bleeker-Rovers, T. van Achterberg, B-J. Kullberg, M. Hulscher, P. Pickkers
F-18-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography in diagnosis and follow-up of patients with different types of vasculitis
Issue: October 2003, Volume: 61, Number: 10

C.P. Bleeker-Rovers, S.J.H. Bredie, J.W.M. van der Meer, F.H.M. Corstens, W.J.G. Oyen
Tension pneumopericardium caused by positive pressure ventilation complicating anaerobic pneumonia
Issue: February 2003, Volume: 61, Number: 2

C.P. Bleeker-Rovers, F.J.J. van den Elshout, T.I.F.M. Bloemen, H.A.H. Kaasjager