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Variable workup calls for guideline development for type 2A hereditary haemochromatosis
Issue: October 2018, Volume: 76, Number: 8

S.L. Smit, T.M.A. Peters, I.A.M. Gisbertz, W. Moolenaar, Y. Hendriks, H.H. Vincent, D. Houtsma, O.J.L. Loosveld, A.E. van Herwaarden, A.J.M. Rennings, D.W. Swinkels
TFR2-related haemochromatosis in the Netherlands: a cause of arthralgia in young adulthood
Issue: March 2017, Volume: 75, Number: 2

T.M.A. Peters, A.F.M. Meulders, K. Redert, M.L.H. Cuijpers, A.J.M. Rennings, M.C.H. Janssen, N.M.A. Blijlevens, D.W. Swinkels
Hepcidin in chronic kidney disease: not an anaemia management tool, but promising as a cardiovascular biomarker
Issue: March 2015, Volume: 73, Number: 3

N.C. van der Weerd, M.P.C. Grooteman, M.J. Nubé, P.M. ter Wee, D.W. Swinkels, C.A.J.M. Gaillard
X-linked sideroblastic anaemia due to ALAS2 mutations in the Netherlands: a disease in disguise
Issue: May 2014, Volume: 72, Number: 4

A.E. Donker, R.A. Raymakers, H.K. Nieuwenhuis, M.J.H. Coenen, M.C. Janssen, M.A. MacKenzie, P.P.T. Brons, D.W. Swinkels
Synopsis of the Dutch multidisciplinary guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of hereditary haemochromatosis
Issue: December 2007, Volume: 65, Number: 11

D.W. Swinkels, A.T.M. Jorna, R.A.P. Raymakers
Morbidity and mortality in first-degree relatives of C282Y homozygous probands with clinically detected haemochromatosis compared with the general population: the Hemochromatosis FAmily Study (HEFAS)
Issue: December 2007, Volume: 65, Number: 11

E.M.G. Jacobs, J.C.M. Hendriks, J.J.M. Marx, C.Th.B.M. van Deursen, H.G. Kreeftenberg, R.A. de Vries, A.F.H. Stalenhoef, A.L.M. Verbeek, D.W. Swinkels
Changing aspects of HFE-related hereditary haemochromatosis and endeavours to early diagnosis
Issue: December 2007, Volume: 65, Number: 11

E.M.G. Jacobs, A.L.M. Verbeek, H.G. Kreeftenberg, C.Th.B.M. van Deursen, J.J.M. Marx, A.F.H. Stalenhoef, D.W. Swinkels, R.A. de Vries
Primary haemochromatosis: a missed cause of chronic fatigue syndrome?
Issue: December 2002, Volume: 60, Number: 11

D.W. Swinkels, N. Aalbers, L.D. Elving, G. Bleijenberg, C.M.A. Swanink, J.W.M. van der Meer