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How to optimise interventions for problem drinking among hospital outpatients?
Issue: December 2005, Volume: 63, Number: 11

M.J. Emmen, H. Wollersheim, G. Bleijenberg, G.M. Schippers
Primary haemochromatosis: a missed cause of chronic fatigue syndrome?
Issue: December 2002, Volume: 60, Number: 11

D.W. Swinkels, N. Aalbers, L.D. Elving, G. Bleijenberg, C.M.A. Swanink, J.W.M. van der Meer
Diagnosing chronic fatigue syndrome: comparison of a protocol and computerised questionnaires
Issue: April 2003, Volume: 61, Number: 4

J.B. Prins, L.D. Elving, H. Koning, G. Bleijenberg, J.W.M. van der Meer
The effect of granisetron, a 5-HT3 receptor antagonist, in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome patients a pilot study
Issue: September 2003, Volume: 61, Number: 9

G.K.H. The, J. Prins, G. Bleijenberg, J.W.M. van der Meer