November 2013

Volume: 71, Number: 9

Table of contents


Predicting mortality in the critically ill: a tricky enterprise
N.P. Juffermans


Current concepts in the management of diabetic nephropathy
F. Waanders, F.W. Visser, R.O.B. Gans
Intestinal cholesterol secretion: future clinical implications
L. Jakulj, J. Besseling, E.S.G. Stroes, A.K. Groen
Monitoring of unfractionated heparin in critically ill patients
R. Aarab, J. van Es, A.C.J.M. de Pont, M.B. Vroom, S. Middeldorp

original article

Influenza vaccination coverage in patients treated with chemotherapy: current clinical practice
M.L. Wumkes, A.M.T. van der Velden, A.W.G. van der Velden, J.M.L. Stouthard, M.R. Nijziel, M. Westerman, A. Beeker, A. Meerveld-Eggink, G.T. Rijkers D.H. Biesma

case report

Fasciola hepatica as a cause of jaundice after chewing khat: a case report
L.C.J. de Bree, A.G.L. Bodelier, G.P. Verburg

photo quiz

A male with extensive renal vein thrombosis
L. Tonneijck, M. Schouten, M.C. Weijmer, C.E.H. Siegert
Skin lesions in a patient with head and neck cancer
C.M.L. Driessen, M.M. van Rossum, W.A.M. Blokx, C.M.L. van Herpen
Bilateral abdominal mass
T.M. Anoop, N. Jain, S.G Nair, N. Geetha
A diagnosis on the basis of a blood smear
A.P.M. Kerckhoffs, A.H.E. Herbers, N.C.V. Pequeriaux

special article

Red cell distribution width as predictor for mortality in critically ill patients
I.A. Meynaar, A.H.M. Knook, S. Coolen, H. Le, M.M.E.M. Bos, F. van der Dijs, M. von Lindern, E.W. Steyerberg

letter to the editor

Cervical dysplasia associated with the use of natalizumab
L. Rolfes, B. Lokhorst, J. Samijn, E. van Puijenbroek
Cyanide intoxication by apricot kernel ingestion as complimentary cancer therapy
L. Seghers, M. Walenbergh-van Veen, J. Salome, P. Hamberg