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Red cell distribution width as predictor for mortality in critically ill patients
Issue: November 2013, Volume: 71, Number: 9

I.A. Meynaar, A.H.M. Knook, S. Coolen, H. Le, M.M.E.M. Bos, F. van der Dijs, M. von Lindern, E.W. Steyerberg
Low complication rates in the use of port-a-caths in oncology patients
Issue: May 2012, Volume: 70, Number: 4

M.M.E.M. Bos, L. Smeets, J. Koning, I. Dumay, E. de Jonge
Splenectomy-induced long-term remission in a patient with multicentric Castlemanís disease
Issue: September 2009, Volume: 67, Number: 8

M.M.E.M. Bos, L.M. van den Berg, A.W.F.M. van Leeuwen, E.F.M. Posthuma