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Willingness to accept chemotherapy and attitudes towards costs of cancer treatment; A multisite survey study in the Netherlands
Issue: August 2016, Volume: 74, Number: 7

E.F.M.M. van Dijk, M. Co┼čkuntürk, A.T. Zuur, J. van der Palen, W.T.A. van der Graaf, J.N.H. Timmer-Bonte, A.N.M. Wymenga
High prevalence of late adverse events in malignant bone tumour survivors diagnosed at adult age
Issue: December 2014, Volume: 72, Number: 10

A.C.M. van de Luijtgaarden, L. Kapusta, L. Bellersen, J.P.M. Bokkerink, S.E.J. Kaal, Y.M.H. Versleijen-Jonkers, H.W.B. Schreuder, W.T.A. van der Graaf
A female with a leiomyosarcoma presenting with acute thoracic pain and dyspnoea
Issue: October 2012, Volume: 70, Number: 8

R.W. van der Pluijm, M.J. Lamers, M. de Boer, W.T.A. van der Graaf, H.W.M. van Laarhoven
How to diagnose cardiac tamponade
Issue: September 2002, Volume: 60, Number: 8

J.H.M. van Steijn, D.Th. Sleijfer, W.T.A. van der Graaf, A. van der Sluis, P. Nieboer