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Chlamydia psittaci: a relevant cause of community-acquired pneumonia in two Dutch hospitals
Issue: February 2016, Volume: 74, Number: 2

S.M.C. Spoorenberg, W.J.W Bos, E.J. van Hannen, F. Dijkstra, E.R. Heddema, H. van Velzen-Blad, R. Heijligenberg, J.C. Grutters, B.M. de Jongh, Ovidius study group (D.H. Biesma, W.J.W. Bos, H. Endeman, E.M.W. van de Garde, J.C. Grutters, H. Hardeman, R. Heijligenberg, S.C.A. Meijvis, H.H. Remmelts, G.T. Rijkers, H. van Velzen-Blad, G.P. Voorn)
Therapy in pneumonia: What is beyond antibiotics?
Issue: January 2011, Volume: 69, Number: 1

S.C.A. Meijvis, J.C. Grutters, S.F. Thijsen, G.T Rijkers, D.H. Biesma, H. Endeman
Extremely high serum ferritin levels as diagnostic tool in adult-onset Stillís disease
Issue: June 2007, Volume: 65, Number: 6

S.C.A. Meijvis, H. Endeman, A.B.M. Geers, E.J. ter Borg