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New diagnostic and treatment strategies in renal artery stenosis: a promising pursuit or disappointment foretold?
Issue: September 2020, Volume: 78, Number: 5

L. van de Velde, D. Collard, W. Spiering, P.M. van Brussel, J. Versmissen, T. Wierema, M.W. de Haan, IJ.A.J. Zijlstra, A.A. Kroon, L. Vogt, P.W. de Leeuw, D. van Twist, B.J.H. van den Born
The zebra among horses: extensive abnormalities in a kidney biopsy without clinical signs of kidney disease
Issue: July 2014, Volume: 72, Number: 6

M.J.S. Oosterveld, S. Florquin, M. van den Bergh Weerman, L. Vogt
Jaw enlargement in a haemodialysis patient
Issue: May 2014, Volume: 72, Number: 4

E. Hoornenborg, F. van Delft, L. Vogt
Time for a comeback of NSAIDs in proteinuric chronic kidney disease?
Issue: December 2010, Volume: 68, Number: 12

L. Vogt, G.D. Laverman, G. Navis