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Congenital methaemoglobinaemia in a 61-year-old patient with normal haemoglobin levels
Issue: May 2018, Volume: 76, Number: 4

K.F. de Geus, A.A. Anas, R. Franssen, F.A.M. Duijkers, H. Bikker, G.E. Linthorst
What contributes to internists’ willingness to disclose medical errors?
Issue: June 2012, Volume: 70, Number: 5

G.E. Linthorst, B.L. Kallimanis-King, I. Douwes Dekker, J.B.L. Hoekstra, J.C.J.M. de Haes
Clinical pathological conference A non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma patient with persistent anaemia after chemotherapy
Issue: October 2011, Volume: 69, Number: 10

M.D. Hazenberg, B.J. Biemond, S.T. Pals, C.M. Zumpolle, C.J. Schinkel, G.E. Linthorst, J.B.L. Hoekstra, J.M.I. Vos
The success of a weekly medical quiz. Test-based medical education
Issue: April 2011, Volume: 69, Number: 4

M.N. Lauw, J.B.L. Hoekstra, G.E. Linthorst