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Salicylate use: a negative predictive factor for finding pathology explanatory for iron deficiency anaemia
Issue: Juli 2020, Volume: 78, Number: 4

J. van Everdink, P.M.C. Callenbach, F.G.H. van der Kleij
Transient thyroiditis after parathyroidectomy for tertiary hyperparathyroidism
Issue: April 2019, Volume: 77, Number: 3

T.H. Pinxterhuis, M. Out, R.W.F. van den Broek, R.S.M.E. Wouters, F.G.H. van der Kleij
Hypocitraturia: a common but not well-known cause of nephrolithiasis
Issue: December 2014, Volume: 72, Number: 10

S. Bos, R.R.H. Nap, R.S.M.E. Wouters, F.G.H. van der Kleij
A rare cause of spontaneous perirenal haemorrhage in a patient with ANCA-associated vasculitis
Issue: July/August 2013, Volume: 71, Number: 6

H.E. Boersma, R.H.H. Nap, W.P. Haanstra, P.G.A. Hooijboer, F.G.H. van der Kleij