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A Dutch consensus statement on the diagnosis and treatment of ANCA-associated vasculitis
Issue: March 2020, Volume: 78, Number: 2

E. Dirikgil, S.W. Tas, A. Rutgers, P.M.J. Verhoeven, J.M. van Laar, E.C. Hagen, J. Tekstra, A.E. L. Hak, P. van Paassen, M.R. Kok, R. Goldschmeding, B. van Dam, C.E. Douma, H.H.F. Remmelts, J.F. Sanders, J.T. Jonker, T.J. Rabelink, J.G.M.C. Damoiseaux, H.J. Bernelot Moens, W. J. W. Bos, Y.K.O. Teng
Screening for renal involvement in ANCA-associated vasculitis: room for improvement?
Issue: January 2017, Volume: 75, Number: 1

E. Houben, J.W. van der Heijden, B. van Dam, W.A. Bax, A.E. Voskuyl, E.L. Penne
A 73-year-old male with jaundice and acute kidney injury
Issue: February 2014, Volume: 72, Number: 2

H. van der Wijngaart, B. van Dam, J.G. van den Berg, Y.H.M. Krul-Poel, M. Klemt-Kropp, W.A. Bax
Evaluation of the threshold value for the Early Warning Score on general wards
Issue: January 2013 , Volume: 71, Number: 1

C.R. van Rooijen, W. de Ruijter, B. van Dam