May 2013

Volume: 71, Number: 4

Table of contents


New oral anticoagulants versus vitamin K antagonists in countries with good INR control
M. Coppens


The long-term outcome of the Kasai operation in patients with biliary atresia: a systematic review
E.J. Bijl, K.D. Bharwani, R.H.J. Houwen, R.A. de Man
Obesity-associated low-grade inflammation in type 2 diabetes mellitus: causes and consequences
M.M.J. van Greevenbroek, C.G. Schalkwijk, C.D.A. Stehouwer
Established and forthcoming drugs for the treatment of osteoporosis
W.F. Lems, M. den Heijer

original article

INR control calculation: comparison of Dutch and international methods
I.D. Bezemer, W.H. Roemer, F.J.A. Penning-van Beest, E. van Eekelen, M.H.H. Kramer

case report

High-dose methylprednisolone-induced hepatitis in a patient with multiple sclerosis: A case report and brief review of literature
, J.P.H. Drenth

photo quiz

Referred shoulder pain in a patient with small cell lung cancer
W. van der Bruggen, A.I.J. Arens, M.A. van der Drift, L.F. de Geus-Oei, M. Gotthardt, W.J.G. Oyen
A red eye on the intensive care unit
R. J. van der Wekken, E. Torn, F.E. Ros, L.E.M. Haas
A young woman with facial oedema
F. van den Hanenberg, C.B. Brouwer, G.E.L. van den Berk

special article

The standardised mortality ratio is unreliable for assessing quality of care in rectal cancer
Y.R.B.M. van Gestel, H.J.T. Rutten, I.H.J.T. de Hingh, Esther van den Broek, G.A.P. Nieuwenhuijzen

special report

Teaching adjuvant endocrine breast cancer treatment to medical students
M. de Visser, C. Fluit, J. Timmer-Bonte, P. Ottevanger, C. Verhagen, T. Klaassen, H.W.M. van Laarhoven

letter to the editor

Dapsone for the treatment of chronic IgA vasculitis (Henoch-Schonlein)
A.P. Bech, L.J. Reichert, J.W. Cohen Tervaert
High TPMT activity as a risk factor for severe myelosuppression during thiopurine therapy
M.L. Seinen, A.A. van Bodegraven, A.B.P. van Kuilenburg, N.K.H. de Boer