January 2011

Volume: 69, Number: 1

Table of contents


Arterial and venous thrombosis: more in common than previously thought
M. Levi


Vaccination of the immune-compromised patients with focus on patients with autoimmune-inflammatory diseases
M. Bijl, C.G.M. Kallenberg, S. van Assen
An overview of the current diagnosis and recent developments in neuroendocrine tumours of the gastroenteropancreatic tract: the diagnostic approach
P. Kuiper, H.W. Verspaget, L.I.H. Overbeek, I. Biemond, C.B. Lamers
Therapy in pneumonia: What is beyond antibiotics?
S.C.A. Meijvis, J.C. Grutters, S.F. Thijsen, G.T Rijkers, D.H. Biesma, H. Endeman

original article

Risk factors of arterial cardiovascular complications in patients with prior venous thromboembolism
S. Roshani, W.M. Lijfering, M. Coppens, , M.H. Prins, , S. Middeldorp

case report

Pneumococcal aortitis: an insidious diagnosis
P.G. Postema, D.A. Legemate, D.L.P Baeten, P. Speelman
Life-threatening hypokalaemic paralysis associated with distal renal tubular acidosis
M. Vendeloo, A.L.H.J. Aarnoudse, E.F.H. van Bommel

photo quiz

Hoarseness due to a thyroid mass
W.L. Gamal, M.S. Abdel Khalek, B.E. Crawford, E.H. Kandil
Skin lesions depicting a systemic disease
L.A.A. Moonen, H. van den Bosch, T.B.J. Demeyere, B. Bravenboer

special article

Treatment of acute hepatitis C virus infection in HIV+ patients: Dutch recommendations for management
J.E. Arends, F.A.E. Lambers, J.T.M. van der Meer, G. Schreij, C. Richter, K. Brinkman, A.I.M. Hoepelman, on behalf of the Netherlands Society for AIDS physicians (NVAB)

letter to the editor

H.M. van der Straaten, B.S. van Asbeck
Vitamin D might reduce some vascular risk factors and, consequently, risk of dementia
W.B. Grant