Issue: 2006 > September > case report

Fever and high lactate dehydrogenase in HIV-positive patients from the Antilles and Surinam: histoplasmosis?

E.J.G. Peters, R.H. Kauffmann, P. Blok


We describe four cases of HIV-positive patients, two from Surinam, one from the Dutch Antilles and one from
Nigeria, who presented with a febrile illness and a high
lactate dehydrogenase plasma level. In all four, the diagnosis of disseminated histoplasmosis was made, in three of them by liver biopsy. Two patients had retinal abnormalities compatible with a systemic fungal infection. Three patients were treated successfully with antifungal agents. One patient died. Between 2000 and 2006, only 14 patients with HIV have been found to have histoplasmosis in the Netherlands. Although histoplasmosis is not endemic in the Netherlands, physicians are more likely to see cases because of a growing number of HIV -positive immigrants from endemic regions.