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Dalteparin and anti-Xa: a complex interplay of therapeutic drug monitoring
Issue: December 2019, Volume: 77, Number: 10

E.D.P. van Bergen, A. Huisman, P.M.J. Welsing, M.A. de Winter, M.B. Rookmaaker, H.A.H. Kaasjager, M. Nijkeuter
Serious gaming in internal medicine education: do we know best or do we know last?
Issue: November 2019, Volume: 77, Number: 9

P.C. van Ooik, F.N.J. Frakking, M.E.W. Dankbaar, J.J. Oosterheert, H.A.H. Kaasjager
Prevalence of dyslipidaemia in patients treated with lipid-modifying drugs in the Netherlands.Part of the Dyslipidaemia International Survey
Issue: April 2010, Volume: 68, Number: 4

A.C. Strang, H.A.H. Kaasjager, D.C.G. Basart, E.S.G. Stroes
Tension pneumopericardium caused by positive pressure ventilation complicating anaerobic pneumonia
Issue: February 2003, Volume: 61, Number: 2

C.P. Bleeker-Rovers, F.J.J. van den Elshout, T.I.F.M. Bloemen, H.A.H. Kaasjager
PTU-associated cutaneous vasculitis with ANCA anti-MPO
Issue: September 2003, Volume: 61, Number: 9

E.M.G. Jacobs, A. Hartkamp, H.A.H. Kaasjager