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A 34-year-old man with back pain
Issue: January 2017, Volume: 75, Number: 1

D.J.L. van Twist, R.J.J.M. van de Laar, R.J.B. Brans, J.W.J. Refos, A.A. Kroon
Hypertension at a young age: beware of the unexpected
Issue: October 2015, Volume: 73, Number: 8

D.J.L. van Twist, A.W.J.H. Dielis, A.A. Kroon
An unexpected cause of chest pain
Issue: May 2012, Volume: 70, Number: 4

D.J.L. van Twist, M.B.I. Lobbes, S. Vanwetswinkel, P.M. Stassen