July 2015

Volume: 73, Number: 6

Table of contents


Up close and personal with low-molecularweight heparins (LMWHs)
S. Lugthart


Review on immunotherapy in airway allergen sensitised patients
J.P.M van der Valk, N.W. de Jong, R. Gerth van Wijk

original article

Anticoagulation with dalteparin and nadroparin in nocturnal haemodialysis
G. Verhave, M.C. Weijmer, B.C. van Jaarsveld
Do patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes have impaired physical fitness, and energy expenditures?
K. Ucok, H. Yalcinkaya, A. Acay, N.F. Coban, S. Aslanalp, G. Akkan, S. Aydin, C. Celikagi, A. Ahsen
Immunosuppressive therapy in patients with IgA nephropathy
H.P.E. Peters, J.A.J. van den Brand, S.P. Berger, J.F.M. Wetzels

case report

Myelopathy in systemic lupus erythematosus: a case report and a review of the literature
L. Hamming, R. van der Meulen, A. Vergouwen, C. Siegert
Horner’s syndrome in a patient presenting with chest pain
S.H.W. van Bree, M.D.R. van Bree, G.A. Somsen
Melioidosis and renal failure in a Dutch man after a trip to Gambia
F. Morelli, L. Smeets, M. Hobijn, H. Boom

photo quiz

A 29-year-old woman with multiple pulmonary masses
P.A. Rootjes, H. Gelderblom, M.P. Hendriks
Answer to Photo Quiz: A 29-year-old woman with multiple pulmonary masses

A 7-year-old boy with fever, rash and coughing
S.A.S. van der Bent, V.E.J. van Ham-Borawitz, E.D de Kleijn, S.W.I. Reeder, R. Laeijendecker
Answer to Photo Quiz: A 7-year-old boy with fever, rash and coughing

letter to the editor

Survival after intoxication with inhaled methanol
L.M. Vossen, C.M.P. van Dongen, M.K. Schoutteten, H.A.J.M. de Wit, P.W. de Leeuw
Lung ultrasound: the need of an adequate training for the next generation of internists
F.M. Trovato, G. Musumeci
Response to the letter of Trovato et al.
H.R.W. Touw, P.R. Tuinman, H.P.M.M. Gelissen, E. Lust, P.W.G. Elbers