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Anticoagulant treatment of cancer patients with pulmonary embolism in the real world. Actual use of low-molecular-weight heparin in cancer
Issue: November 2014, Volume: 72, Number: 9

A. Kleinjan, B.A. Hutten, M. Di Nisio, H.R. Büller, P.W. Kamphuisen
Venous thromboembolism during hip plaster cast immobilisation: Review of the literature
Issue: January 2014, Volume: 72, Number: 1

M.C. Struijk-Mulder, H.B. Ettema, R.A.J. Heyne, J.J. Rondhuis, H.R. Büller, C.C.P.M. Verheyen
Limitations of screening for occult cancer in patients with idiopathic venous thromboembolism
Issue: September 2012, Volume: 70, Number: 7

A. Kleinjan, F.F. van Doormaal, M.H. Prins, H.R. Büller, J.M.M.B. Otten
Common alternative diagnoses in general practice when deep venous thrombosis is excluded
Issue: April 2012, Volume: 70, Number: 3

A.J. ten Cate-Hoek, E.F. van der Velde, D.B. Toll, H.C.P.M. van Weert, K.G.M. Moons, H.R. Büller, A.W. Hoes, M.A. Joore, R. Oudega, M.H. Prins, H.E.J.H. Stoffers
Risk factors of arterial cardiovascular complications in patients with prior venous thromboembolism
Issue: January 2011, Volume: 69, Number: 1

S. Roshani, W.M. Lijfering, M. Coppens, K. Hamulyák, M.H. Prins, H.R. Büller, S. Middeldorp
The effect of haemophilia and von Willebrand disease on arterial thrombosis: a systematic review
Issue: May 2010, Volume: 68, Number: 5

S. Biere-Rafi, M. Zwiers, M. Peters, J. van der Meer, F.R. Rosendaal, H.R. Büller, P.W. Kamphuisen
A systematic review of selective and non-selective beta blockers for prevention of vascular events in patients with acute coronary syndrome or heart failure
Issue: October 2009, Volume: 67, Number: 9

O.R. de Peuter, F. Lussana, R.J.G. Peters, H.R. Büller, P.W. Kamphuisen
Cell-derived microvesicles and cancer
Issue: July-August 2009, Volume: 67, Number: 7

F.F. van Doormaal, A. Kleinjan, M. Di Nisio, H.R. Büller, R. Nieuwland
A retrospective analysis of patients treated for superficial vein thrombosis
Issue: November 2008, Volume: 66, Number: 10

I.M. Wichers, M. Haighton, H.R. Büller, S. Middeldorp